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What will they think of next? I'm afraid people are taking this way too personally. And, yeah, the "quirky" preciousness is pretty irritating. Free tits and pussy. That's kind of disingenuous in this context. I don't think that my pasty white ass is the kind of "White Christmas" that Bing Crosby was singing about.

Oh, and people make a big deal about kids posting photos of themselves drinking on Facebook! I'm just saying you may not have a realistic idea of how much of a threat this is. Nude xmas cards. I should've realized based on the title, but Geez, I think Cringlely needs some defenders in this thread.

Conspiracy is also literally a thought crime. What else would you expect? Retail establishments are not the Army. If they're not, and any legal authority decides to come down on them, they're looking at maybe having the store shut down, the parent company facing a lawsuit, or the clerk being jailed and having his face on the sex offender registry for all time. But seriously, I'm creeped out by it. In case it wasn't clear: Their machines, their rules. Sai tamhankar nude. I'm sorry, but I don't see the big deal beyond the fact that they're too stubborn to buy a fricken printer for themselves.

My kids' naked photos being used as currency by pedos? Though clearly that's what the company is responding to. Disagree with it if you want, but nobody was harmed. Do you tell them: And thus, if, as some people are implying, they were persuaded to overcome that being-creeped-out, then We're crazy, we are!

Even speaking in my capacity as avid photographer, I can't imagine bribing my children so I could take naked photos of them - I mean, ewwww. What I was trying to do was exaggerate for comic effect. Even in photos with sexualized content, as in the work of Mann and—arguably more salient—Sturges, those aren't pornography and the federal Sword of Damacles you're endorsing here is sad and chilling. Oh yeah, thank you for today's outrage filter, it really hit the spot.

What countries are you referring to, and what is the basis for your assertion that they do not seem to have serious problems with pedophiles? I think that's the core element of what feels creepy here. We've told people never to come back just because they were jerks and we didn't want them around. Cheese those are ridiculously unrelated and you know it. Bribery is sometimes a way to get kids to do things that they don't want to, but should or must do. I do see some overreaction in this thread.

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At least they've taught their kids that getting naked for candy is a good thing. Hot naked pussy close up. A pedophile cannot be arrested just for having illegal thoughts I don't think.

However, good faith and all, yes, it is sad to argue for constraining someone else's art—and this is art, even if it's bad art—production simply because you disagree with the aesthetics is silliness. I find the photo refreshing. Yeah, it's "sad" that people are scared of Federal prosecution. Fedex Kinko's whatever have every right to choose what they do and don't print.

With kids that age, you have to bribe them to sit still through almost anything. It's right there in The Constitution tm. Let's be clear, Mr.

Or is it all just a gray area and sometimes things will fly and sometimes you'll get a hardass who won't print your beach pictures. That machine always fucks up. We've told people never to come back just because they were jerks and we didn't want them around. Naked funy com. Nude xmas cards. I might also venture that I'm the only person in the room who has been a nude child model, worked at Kinko's and worked in real pornography ironically charged in part with keeping minors out of our pages, and seeing how arbitrary and stupid those laws are.

But, not only did Kinko's have no obligation to print the photos -- if it had gone one hair further on the creep-o-meter, they would have been legally obligated to call Child Protective Services. If we put you in jail, what are we punishing?

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I don't know why we continue down this path. What I was trying to do was exaggerate for comic effect. Christmas may be over, but we're pretty sure the Internet will be buzzing about the Blurred Lines star's holiday cards for many years to come. I guess this is where I say that, you know, I think at present child porn law over-reaches and chills legitimate expression but, you know, people who make their children pose nude for photos should consider whether or not they are exercising good judgment, as a matter of prudence.

If Dad thinks this is so great and so funny, why is he so covered up? The kid on the floor's expression says it all, really, someone adopt him. I think it's outrageous that nude statues are sometimes strategically "draped" or declared not appropriate for children.

And thus, if, as some people are implying, they were persuaded to overcome that being-creeped-out, then It's a terrible photo. There is something off, to me, about the color, lighting, expression, and general appearance of everyone standing behind the oven door compared to the two children in front.

That's just so opposite of how I grew up. Kelly dowdle nude. The expectation that retail establishments have been commanded by God to cater to your every fucking whim is why rich, privileged shitheels treat my employees like servants so much.

A photo posted by Emily Ratajkowski emrata on Dec 21, at 8: I think Thomas Kincade's art is crap, but I'd never say he shouldn't be allowed to paint and I'd defend him vociferously if he was going to face penalties anything like those for sex crimes in America. That leads in our family not so much to protestations of modesty as to demands for bribes.

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There's nothing even remotely sexual about these images. I don't think, though that it's overreacting to think that it's dumb to post a naked picture of your kids, along with information sufficient to figure out who they are and where they live, on the internet.

What else would you expect? It's a terrible photo. Porn nude big tits. I hear the Sears catalog is a favorite of dirty old men. Nude xmas cards. This picture just screams 'therapy bills coming soon' to me. They don't have to print anything they don't want to print, unless they're refusing it to print it for a discriminatory reason. Maybe some of them already organically are creeped out. Naked pictures of black lesbians Um, now there is an mp3 on the page so you can Listen to this post in Bob's sexy, sexy voice.

Why It Really Does Matter"? Kid's fucking my nose! I don't know, I just get this weird feeling like they're gonna come over and fuck my nose or something.

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